Eating Right Made Simple

My wife and I needed a short break from our day-to-day life operating a retail store. Julie had the bright idea of staying for a couple of days at the Legs Inn on Lake Michigan in Cross Village (the name comes from the painted stove legs up on the roof, really).

Unless you make a very substantial salary, you may just continue working to afford to keep working! Even if you do clear a little bit of money each month, you could budget your expenses to save as much money as you were bringing in.

The $30.09 dinner includes one "small plate", followed by roasted, organic chicken or pork loin slow cooker scalloppini. There's only one dessert: a banana-butterscotch bundt cake with dark chocolate pudding.

Frozen foods can be placed into the slow cooker as is. You don't need to thaw first, but a good idea is to add some warm liquid to act as a buffer so you don't need to add more cooking time.

I like very much my gas grill, actually. It's a no fuss, no muss option for barbecue out-of-doors. Mine is even connected to my home gas line so I don't have worry about replacing the tank. But for real BBQ or smoking, I still turn to my charcoal kettle grill, you just can't beat it for it's simplicity and great aroma. Huh? Isn't bbq and BBQ the same thing? No, there is a difference, let me explain and share with you some BBQ tips and tricks for cooking on a charcoal grill.

You absolutely need good tasting salt free seasonings. You will find that salt free seasonings are not all created equal. Find a good tasting salt substitute. Preferably a no potassium chloride salt substitute. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen with no salt added. For you to stay on a low sodium diet you will be cooking almost everything from scratch. No canned soups, no mixes, no microwave dinners, no prepared foods. A low sodium diet is back to basics cooking. Old fashioned, old world style cooking doesn't have to take a lot of work. Just takes some planning, good seasonings, good ingredients and slow cooking, makes all the difference for a flavorful low sodium diet.

Once you step inside Dixie Stampede, you will have your picture taken either with your family, or if it's just you and a partner. Later in the show a staff member will come by and you can purchase the picture which is wonderfully displayed pork loin chop in a frame with Dixie Stampede on the outside cover.

Believe me, starving students need to save money and time! Use these tips and you'll save time money energy and make your busy life slow cooker tesco a little bit saner.