Make Budget With Old Cell Phones

Talking on your cell hands free is a common act, especially when you're driving. Almost everyone has to use the cellular device to run errands, catch up with friends, keep contact with family or going to a job site. What the bad thing is that texting while driving is dangerous. Be careful since every state in America is now cracking down to put a stop to dangerous texting while you're driving driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 10 million drivers in the U.S. are using mobile devices while driving!

New Jersey: Drivers in this state found guilty of using a hands free news story not only for texting - but also for talking or emailing -- are subject to a $100 fine for first-time offenses.

The Golden Retriever is the dog of choice of many, mostly because he is friendly and loves to play. He is also a very smart dog. He is known to serve as a guide dog for the blind, a hearing dog for new sound device, and a rescue dog.

The National Transportation Safety Board is asking every state to ban cell phone use while driving. Their request includes the use of cell phones with a hands free device.

This article is offered as a wake-up call for those who pity the deaf or see them as broken. The vast majority do not want pity but rather the respect and acknowledgment that they can do pretty much hearing aids anything in the world.....except hear.

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