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Bethesda Softworks is just one of the many publishers shifting gears this fall in an effort to refocus their efforts on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and with that comes a slew of changes. Because of this, we thought it would be appropriate to chat with Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing and PR about some of the challenges his team is now facing heading into this Fall.

Finally is a bit of fun for the nerd in all of us. Head down to Castle Perilous for all your gaming needs. I'm not talking poker or blackjack, I'm talking Dungeon's and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Axis and Allies, just about any tabletop game you could want. They also have books, dice, paints and accessories for decorating miniatures. There is also space available to sit down and have a game. This place holds a special place in my memories of Carbondale. I shudder to think about how much cash I dropped in Castle P.

Speaking with GameInformer, Spencer shared that Microsoft wants to have enough stock that people will be able to walk into a store on launch day and purchase an xbox one. He continues to express that he wants parents who didn't pre-order an xbox one to be able to walk to a store and have a shot at buying a console.

One of the many rumors is that the playstation 4 will be anti-used game. This means it will not play used games. However this just recently popped up and this wouldn't be viable for the gaming industry as a whole or for playstation 4's sales.

The console will hit retail in 13 major territories -- including North America and the U.K. on that date. Thankfully, that date is xbox 360 week before Black Friday, which occurs on Nov. 29 this year. That means that the trampling of Xbox fans will be kept to a minimum.

Capricorn needs to achieve. The urge towards accomplishment is prominent in every Capricorn. To fully utilize (oh how Capricorns love to utilize) the energy of this full moon, allow yourself to become aware of the way you are managing your life. Now you will have the drive and focus to clean things up in your world. You may become overwhelmed with the urge to clean out your garage. That pantry might get a stream lining while you decide you can't eat processed crap anymore. Now would be the time to stop smoking, drinking, gambling, TV, large game collection, cookies, coffee - whatever vice is yours you know your life would be better and longer without the crutch.

"I'd like to see the console industry move on," said Alexander. In a way, it did. We saw Microsoft move on from the "gamer," scraping its boxy edges against the walls of a narcissistic society where survival of the fittest is a constant effort to fit in.

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